5 CBD Skincare Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

5 CBD Skincare Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and, after the year we just had, I think moms deserve an entire month rather than just one day. Between juggling homeschooling, countless video calls, and a lack of personal space, it seems impossible for moms to catch a break and even consider the idea of self-care. We've got 5 gift ideas that will provide mom with the chance to relax in style, even if it’s just for a moment :)


1. A face mask. Try Chill Gel Masque from Code of Harmony

The perfect spa day for moms! Soak up the nourishing benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA that occur naturally in your skin with this masque! It will help retain moisture, leaving skin supple-soft as well as deeply hydrated. With added Centella Asiatica and CoQ10, it's no wonder why so many people notice reduced fine lines - not to mention a youthful appearance!


2. CBD Bath Bombs from Life Elements 

I can't even remember the last time I got a massage! CBD bath bombs are a Godsend for moms who've had their share of muscle soreness and need to relieve a little stress at the end of a long day. Let any pain melt away with aromatic Ylang Ylang and hemp-derived cannabidiol oil.


3. A bath soak with Glow Detox from Undefined Beauty

There's a new way to unwind, and it comes in the form of an all-natural soak. The CBD soak from Undefined Beauty contains restorative pink Himalayan salt, 100mg worth of full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), magnesium oil for skin fortification, Arnica and MSM which are both great vitamins for muscle repairment as well as soothing agents— let’s not forget its wondrously aromatic scent thanks to rosemary eucalyptus lavender essential oils!


4. Moisturize with Fancy Face Oil

Our hydrating, fast-absorbing CBD oil-based serum will leave mom's skin feeling silky soft and supple! Enhanced with plant derived squalane for lasting hydration. Soothes delicate skin and smoothes fine lines to give her a fanciful radiance that lasts all day long.



5. Bliss Kiss Balm Lip Treatment from Cannabliss Organics

This certified vegan lip balm is a fragrance-free, yet naturally sweet scent. Specially formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil to heal, hydrate, and nourish lips. Goji berry helps enhance plumpness while pomegranate lets the formula really sink in for kissable blissful lips!

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