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Cannabliss Organic CBD Hemp Oil Skincare Launch!

Tamryn Burgess

Posted on May 29 2018


You know when you meet someone and you just vibe with them right away? You know they’re doing something special and you know you want to support them in some way… in any way!

Well that’s exactly how we felt when we first met the gorgeous ladies behind Cannabliss Organic at Indie Beauty Expo LA. We just knew we’d make magic together and since that moment we first met, I’d envisioned our partnership with them…

What us Hydro Kitties love about events like Indie Beauty Expo is not just the fact that we get to make lifelong friendships, these expos actually go a long way in highlighting smaller brands which is essential in the rising CBD market.

But before I babble on, let me just say that I’m super excited to announce the time has come, kitties! Our partnership with Cannabliss Organic has been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here!

Our latest addition to the store includes four amazing CBD products by this brilliant brand that you’re going to go ga-ga for, trust me.

What makes Cannabliss Organic different?

Not only is Cannabliss Organic skincare made from organically grown hemp oil in Colorado, their formulas also happen to be infused with ancient Korean herbs such as Panax Ginseng and Mulberry Bark.

This is of course an exciting first for us at Hydro Kitty! I’m excited for you to see the way these Korean herbs enhance the effectiveness of the following four products we have to offer from Cannabliss Organic.

Hemp Salve

Hemp Salve

A truly all purpose healing salve, the full spectrum hemp oil along with Korean healing herbs such as mulberry, goji berry, and ginseng, all work together to moisturize without leaving any oily residue. This salve is able to to ease all sorts of skin irritations, is gentle enough for all skin types, and eases muscle and joint aches, with one happy customer saying “I had been having severe pains in my shoulder and found this product. It has literally saved my life.”


Cannabliss Organic CBD Serum

Revitalizing Face Serum

A nutrient dense, anti-aging powerhouse product, the certified vegan face serum is infused with organic botanicals that help to promote cell turnover, firm the skin, brighten, and even skin complexion. Made with all skin types in mind, Cannabliss organic has one customer saying “My face is glowing and my pores appear smaller. I’m so glad I didn’t have an adverse reaction like I’ve had with so many others in the past! I definitely recommend these products!”


Cannabliss Organic CBD Face Lotion

Moisturizing Face Lotion

This lightweight moisturizing face lotion is infused with Korean herbs including goji berry, peony, and schisandra, which all contain anti-aging benefits that prevent aging, hydrate, and restore your skin’s youthful glow and plumpness, all while protecting against environmental stressors. One customer notes, “My skin was so red and irritated and then began to peel it was awful. After the first night of using this lotion I woke up to not a single dry stop on my face. Now a week later my skin is the best it has ever looked.”


Travel Size Starter Kit

If you’d like to give all three of the above products a try, then the travel friendly starter kit may just be for you! Complete with 5ml Revitalizing Serum, 5ml Age Defying Moisturizing Lotion, and 5ml Hemp Salve, it’s a no brainer!


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