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How You Can Increase CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Effects In The Body

Tamryn Burgess

Posted on October 11 2018


How You Can Increase CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Effects In The Body 

As purveyors of CBD benefits, we here at Hydro Kitty are glad to see that inflammation is finally getting more attention within skincare and health industries, with more products to treat this condition. I’ll tell you a secret though: Not all inflammation is the same.

What do I mean by that?

Your body becomes inflamed as a natural response to injury or illness. It’s that burning feeling you get in your wrists after too much time on the computer, or your aching back after lifting a little too much weight at the gym. Inflammation is your body’s temporary reaction in order to help you heal and destroy what’s making you sick, though not all inflammation stems from injury or illness.

Studies suggest that your body’s inflammatory response can be activated just by daily aspects of living. Stress and pollution are the biggest culprits. This helps explain the rise in chronic inflammation many people struggle with these days, which can also be linked to asthma and arthritis.

So what can you do if you’re concerned about inflammation in  your body?

Athletes are just one group ditching over-the-counter drugs in favor of CBD for pain management. In fact, a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how CBD-infused bath salts helped me manage muscle pain caused by over exerting myself swimming at the pool.

To say I was amazed is an understatement!

What you might not know is that CBD becomes even more effective when teamed up with other natural inflammation fighters.

Certain ingredients help boost CBD’s bioavailability, making it easier for your body to absorb and use. They amplify the anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing effects of CBD. Let’s take a quick look into just a few of our favorites of these anti-inflammatory ingredients and why they work so well.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients that boost healing power of CBD


Long known to be a potent remedy for exercise injuries, bruises, and even bug bites, arnica has many positive effects when applied topically. The European Journal of Sport Science published a study in which participants had less pain and muscle tenderness when applying arnica after exercise.

Arnica is a yellow flower in the sunflower family. It contains a compound called thymol that helps stimulate the flow of white blood cells and release fluid that can cause pain in your joints, muscles, and tissues. This works wonders if you’re sore from exercise or stiff from a long flight.

Relax sore muscles with Restore Balm, which contains arnica and CBD.


Turmeric is an amazing ingredient that has a whole host of benefits all its own, but when combined with CBD, the effects skyrocket. Turmeric boost the bioavailability of CBD in the body which allows it to be more readily absorbed.

This bitter, vibrant spice is commonly used in Asian cuisines and is considered a healing powerhouse in Ayurvedic traditions and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s jam-packed with free radical-fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent chronic inflammation throughout the body.


A refreshing mint-infused drink on a hot day is just the thing you need to cool down, but did you know this aromatic herb has amazing health benefits as well?

Aside from aiding healthy digestion and relieving cold and flu symptoms, mint has also shown powerful anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the lungs. Clinical trials of asthma treatments show promising effects for sufferers, using mint’s active nutrient rosmarinic acid, which effectively blocks inflammation.


Try the rejuvenating properties of mint in Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub


More than just a popular spice for your favorite baked treats (hello, pumpkin spice lattes!), cinnamon is a proven anti-inflammatory than can help to lessen and ease swelling. A recent study suggests that cinnamon extract might reduce inflammation in the colon.


Experience relief from aches and pains with this CBD & Honey Stick infused with cinnamon, honey, and CBD.


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