Hydro Kitty offers CBD Skincare Treatments


It’s no secret that cannabis has become increasingly popular as a topical skincare treatment. CBD, the non psychoactive cannabinoid, is widely known for treating a variety of skincare conditions from eczema to psoriasis. With everyone having unique skincare needs, there’s plenty of room for new skincare products to emerge along with the growing acceptance of cannabis as treatment. So Hydro Kitty is here to make it easier to discover these new brands while offering a few product recommendations for whatever ails ya.


I didn't think I'd still be fighting acne well into adulthood, leaving me to seek out new treatments. I turn to my favorite plant since CBD oil is high in antioxidants that help cleanse and protect from acne outbreaks. It’s also well-known for treating inflammation, which is often what can exacerbate acne occurrences by inflaming the skin around the clogged pore.

Try treating acne with a CBD rich oil facial cleanser. This one from Crave Skincare has the CBD benefits but also washes away your makeup gently, so you can really get around the eyes with it. For the shower, there's now a variety of detoxifying CBD soaps, great for the body as well as the face.


Use a CBD rich moisturizer or serum to combat dryness. CBD oil stimulates your skin's natural oil production to be in balance so your skin is hydrated and youthful. Since it's full of antioxidants too, it will protect from free radicals in the environment.


New studies are being released showing CBD oil to help treat mood. It affects receptors found throughout the body that responsible for our serotonin, stress and energy levels. So taking a warm soak with a bath potion will not only do wonders for your skin, but also leave you feeling relaxed, less irritable, and able to get a good night's sleep. Maybe pair bath time with a scented candle.

Hopefully, with more knowledge of the benefits of cannabis skincare, we will continue to see more variety of products to choose from. With a shift towards all natural ingredients in an effort to be more conscious about what going onto our skin, we will continue to see cannabis prove it's effectiveness.