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Herb Essentials Infuses CBD Into Their New Signature Perfume

Tamryn Burgess

Posted on September 18 2018

Herb Essentials Perfume Oil

Most ladies seem to have their own signature scent, but not me…

For years I used to pass by the beauty counter and always try a spritz of the latest scents.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my body chemistry, the fact that my skin is more sensitive to fragrance than the average person, or because I simply love variety! Things definitely got much harder when I made the switch to all natural fragrance!


So few options are available, and for some reason the stigma of natural fragrances not being, shall we say, “the best smelling” out there has proven true for so many natural brands I’ve tried, so when I got the new Herb Essentials Perfume Oil, I was cautious.


At first, I wasn’t so sure about the scent as it leans more on the masculine side for me, which comes from the patchouli oil. Patchouli, while intoxicating and sweet, is also musky and earthy. After applying the perfume roller on my wrists and neck, and letting the smell linger a while, it started to really grow on me.

The warm and inviting notes of citrus, amber oil, and fresh cannabis buds bring more fresh, feminine touch. I wasn’t surprised to see that this oil had notes of bergamot as well as I got a smell that reminded me of a warm cup of Earl Grey tea! Actually thinking about it… this seems to be the most powerful scent over time!

Seeing that it’s great even on the most sensitive skin (I’m proof of this!), you don’t have to worry about any skin flare ups. Of course, because there is cannabis infused into this perfume, be careful if you know you’re allergic… although if you’re visiting us here on Hydro Kitty, chances are you are already a CBD lover!

Deep yellow, a almost reminiscent of olive oil, the perfume glides on smoothly, lightly, and dries quite fast.

Never tested on animals and free from harmful chemicals and unhealthy preservatives, this perfume is the perfect companion to your CBD skincare routine. And hey ladies, don’t be surprised if your man tries to steal it from you! Herb Essentials is widely enjoyed by women and men alike


Herb Essentials Cannabis Infused Perfume Oil - $60.00


PS. Let the smell linger long after you have your nighttime shower by lighting the Herb Essentials Cannabis CBD candle this perfume was inspired by.


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