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How CBD Helped Me Get Over the Flu

Alyssa Tucker

Posted on January 17 2018

Just recently, I had come down with a flu that left me bedridden and basically comatose for well over a day. Seriously, I never even left my bedroom to eat anything for an entire 24 hours... It was so bad, that there was pizza in the kitchen and I didn't want to spend the energy to get it. You know I must be really sick to turn down pizza. My friend even had to come over and take care of me, giving me a cold pack to bring my fever down and plenty of fluids. I decided I was going to nip this thing in the bud so I wouldn't miss any more work and pulled out the best remedies I could Google.

Apply a CBD balm

I started on my aches and pains first by massaging a CBD infused balm into my achy neck, shoulders and joints. I used Cordial Organics Restore Balm, which comes in a 300 MG tin or a convenient 200 MG stick. I find that the cool mint also helps to open nasal passages while the shea butter leaves skin soft.


Get steamy with essential oils!

After the aches, I worked on clearing out my sinuses and treating my lungs. In addition to using a Neti Pot every few hours—I’ll spare you all the gory details, but let me just say, this will help alleviate congestion more than any other remedy—I did a steam inhalation every few hours as well.

It helps heal your lungs while you sweat it out, so to speak. You can use either a humidifier or heat a pot of boiling water like I did. Just before sitting over the pot with a towel over my head while resembling the Grim Reaper, I added some dried lavender, lemon juice and a few essential oils that I had for their aromatherapy benefits (check out our post about the wonders of terpenes). You can include cannabis essential oil for it's calming, relaxing, and uplifting qualities. Sit the pot on a table, add a few drops of each oil then take a few deep breaths for about 10 minutes, keeping the towel over your head to capture the steam.

Use CBD in an evening bath

Baths always soothe my achy muscles and help me sleep. You can put some Crave Alchemy Body Oil in water and also massage it onto skin, breathing in the dreamy scent of Elemi, Clary Sage, Cedar and other essential oils. It left me feeling rejuvenated after days of being sick during this particularly brutal flu season. You can also use CBD infused bath salts for an even more healing bath experience, they will be available soon on Hydro Kitty, but there’s plenty of great ones out there.

I hope my experience can help you get a jump start on kicking the flu this season with the help of CBD and other natural remedies.


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