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Is Your Skin Stuck In Combination Hell? Your Regimen is to Blame

Alyssa Tucker

Posted on October 19 2017

Dry Skin

Remember when you first started seeking out skin care products that were not one-size-fits all, and over and over again you had to answer the question, “Oily, Dry, or Combination?” I am haunted by this question STILL because the answer is something like, “Yes, yes…. Yes? Wait what stage of my cycle am I in?”

The truth is that these three boxes should be more like a Venn diagram of skin types. When you take into account things like your hormones, the weather, your diet, and what chemicals your skin is taking in every day, it’s hard to check just one. How are you supposed to invest money in products that are targeting just one of these skin types? The result is usually dissatisfaction with a side of half empty bottles lining your sink collecting dust. We’ve all been there.

The answer to this age-old math problem lies, like most things, in going back to basics. When you’ve got ‘oily’ skin, purchasing products that target oil reduction typically results in swinging your skin to the other end of the spectrum. Ingredients in many of the products that eradicate oil totally dehydrate the skin, leaving your skin dehydrated, inflamed, and dull. Not a great look.

Same goes for products that aim at combating dry skin by merely treating the symptom- NOT the problem. When you slather your dry skin with heavy moisturizers that clog pores and leave you looking and feeling like a grease ball. Any product that isn’t actively working to help your skin figure its shit out is not really doing its job. And so we wind up with confused or “combination” skin. SOS.

ENTER: CBD. You guys. CBD literally knows what your skin needs better than you do, and that is because it communicates with receptors in your skin. It’s like if you hired a consultant to come in and see what’s really going on around here… who’s not pulling their weight in terms of oil production and cell turnover… and then fixes it by making the proper adjustments! It isn’t a miracle per se, but it certainly feels like it. The endocannabinoid system (your body’s way of maintaining homeostasis) responds well to CBD because that is what it’s made of. By adding a CBD product or (two or seven) to your skin care regimen, you are giving your endocannabinoid system what it craves which is more of the good stuff to keep everything in good working order.

Because it is our mission to carry products that are organic and natural (not to mention cruelty free because animals are people too), everything in our store is about achieving balance within your skin, giving it all that it needs and nothing it doesn’t. CBD is an integral part of what we consider to be a successful skin care regimen because it only helps to boost the benefits of all the other yummy ingredients your skin craves by allowing your skin to function at its best. So, if you haven’t tried one of our CBD-infused products, jump on it! Your skin will thank you.

Stay Hydrated,

Team HK


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