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Ingredient Spotlight: (Olive) Squalane

Alyssa Tucker

Posted on October 04 2018

Glo Berry CBD Squalane Oil


We've been hearing a lot about this ingredient and wanted to tell you why you should be paying attention to your squalane levels! Plus we'll highlight CBD products that contain this anti-aging wonder.




What Is Squalane?

Besides the fact that it’s fun to say, squalane is a natural oil that acts as a moisturizer for your skin, keeping it soft, smooth, and protected from premature aging and sun damage.

Just like collagen, squalane is produced by our bodies and naturally depletes as we get older. This decline typically happens in our mid-to-late twenties, which makes it important to supplement with topical application.

Squalane is also found in foods such as olives, sugar cane, palm trees, and shark liver (more on the sharks later!).

Given that it’s molecular structure closely mimics that of our own skin, squalane oil is able to deeply penetrate the pores and target skin problems at a cellular level. This means that by using squalane you’re better able to fight off free radicals that contribute to aging, better balance your skin’s oil production to fight acne, and deeply moisturize your skin keeping it youthful!

Squalane can also be thought of as a buddy for collagen as it helps to boost blood circulation which is needed for the formation of collagen!


Squalene vs Squalane

No, it’s not a typo… squalene and squalane are two different substances!

Squalene “with an E” is like that bad boy (we’ll call him Dean) you started dating in senior year of highschool. Your dad warned you about Dean… he was hopping all through town on his motorcycle… and hopping from job to job to job to job… and as you would later find out, hopping from girl to girl too! “Oh no honey” said dad, “you don’t want an unstable guy like that”

You heard right, squalene is an unstable substance that tends to spoil easily when oxygen is in the mix. This causes clogged pores which like Dean, no Kitty deserves!

Squalane “with an A” on the other hand is the guy you met in college, Mark, the guy you ended up falling hard for and ended up walking down the aisle for.

Mark is a stable guy, like squalane. All he needed was a little bit of you, and like all squalane needed was a little hydrogen, to make him/it more stable!

Squalane boosts absorption of other products, is moisturizing, and sustainable.

Sharks, Oh My!

We touched on this loosely before, and you may well be very surprise to learn that for many decades, squalane was actually derived from the livers of sea sharks.

I know, right? Terrible!

Many people actually believe that some shark species went extinct once fisherman realized the benefits of squalane!

If you, like me, are an animal lover, don’t worry, we here are Hydro Kitty are all for the plant-based (olive) squalane. You’re not gonna find us funding any unnecessary shark hunting here, oh no!

A few brands have really taking the lead with squalane based products, such as Biossance who have truly taken the production of their products seriously with products that contain squalane that “comes from 100% plant-based, renewable sugarcane, then bio-fermented to create a beautiful end result—highly stable, totally sustainable squalane.

We’ve also got a few CBD enriched options from the plant based skincare brand, Crave!


Glo Berry Glistening Skin Serum

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Salvation Oil Serum

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