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We Plunge Into Cordial Organics CBD Bath Salt

Tamryn Burgess

Posted on August 16 2018

Reverence CBD Bath Salt

All summer I’ve been avoiding the pool because frankly, it’s been too humid where I currently am in Canada!

I love to get a good tan, but not at the expense of burning… or worse, passing out from heat exhaustion.

It was a welcome break when a couple weeks ago the humidity finally decided to give us a break. I grabbed my sunscreen, beach towel, bikini, and bolted down to the pool area. After tanning for a while, I floated in the pool, remembering how much fun I used to have swimming as a child. So, I let my inhibitions go, and started really enjoying myself in the pool.

I did lap after lap, and was having the time of my life.

Settling back down later that evening, I started noticing an uncomfortable pain in my shoulder muscles… yepp, not stretching before doing laps in the pool had caught up with me!

I didn’t want to go to bed with the pain, because usually in these situations it just gets worse overnight! Add to that the stress that was creeping in because I had an important event to go to early the next morning.

So I went to my bathroom cabinet to reach for a muscle cream…

Just then I remembered I had an unopened package of Cordial Organics Reverence Bath Salts. Also more commonly known as Epsom Salt, I figured let me give the mineral salts in this blend a try.

I ran my bath and added the recommended ¼ cup of Reverence and allowed it to dissolve.

The stunning aroma of the dried rose petals blended seamlessly with the uplifting citrus oil and warming cardamom oil. These scents floated through the steamy bathroom air and instantly put me in a state of bliss.

For me personally, the cardamom was the strongest scent out of all, but they all worked so magically together. It’s not like other bath salt blends that are too sickeningly sweet, or way too overpowering with floral notes.

I submerged myself for the better half of an hour (remembering to hydrate of course) and let the minerals go to work.

This is as good a time as any to let you in on the unique way this bath salt blend works…

How does Cordial Organic Reverence Bath Salt Work?

Like most folktales, you (like me) probably heard all about the healing benefits of Epsom Salts from your grandma. And as folktales go unfortunately… there is no actual science behind Epsom Salts being beneficial for muscle pain.

Don’t take that as a reason to get discouraged by this bath salt though… just keep reading…

This blend also happens to contain sodium bentonite, a natural forming clay composed of volcanic ash.

Universally known as the “healing clay,” it’s incredibly rich in minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium) and helps the body expel toxins. Studies have showing that mud applied directly to the skin makes for a more effective absorption of the minerals, so you can understand the significance of this ingredient here.

Combine all that with the therapeutic effects of the himalayan sea salt, alkalizing sodium bicarbonate, and the medicinal grade hemp CBD, this blend makes for a muscle soothing dream.

I can’t speak for those with intense muscle pains of course, but for my minor muscle strain from swimming, it worked wonders.

Then again, this blend certainly isn’t just for symptoms such as muscle pain.

Cordial Organic founders, Desi & Shelly put it best, “Our intention is to restore the whole body, not just improve symptoms. All of our product ingredients are expertly blended to have a specific effect not only on your internal and external body but your emotional state as well.”




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