Fight Oily Skin With Oil!

CBD Oil for Oily Skin

It may seem counter productive to reach for a facial oil when oil is exactly what you're trying to be rid of, but hear me out. Using the right oil can actually balance your skin's natural oil production leaving you LESS oily. Yep, oils aren't just for those with dry skin, if you have oily skin, then oil may be the missing piece to your skincare puzzle.

Natural, non-synthetic oils like CBD oil are the way to go and can be excellent carriers for adding concentrated essential oils, vitamins and other natural ingredients that lead to healthy skin.

If you suffer from acne-prone skin, then your skin is producing an excess of sebum, an oily substance that's meant to act as a barrier and protect skin and hair. CBD oil helps balance out sebum production to a normal state while providing one of the highest forms of antioxidant protection. It assists in the maintenance of cell turnover so your skin can produce more healthy new cells while discarding old ones and the anti-inflamatory qualities of CBD will shrink away the zits. It does all of this by interacting with your skin's cannabinoid receptors.

Just remember... Producing too much oil? CBD decreases oil production. Not producing enough? CBD's got you as well by increasing oil production. So don't be afraid to fight oil with oil next time you have an oily t-zone or an acne flare up! 👊

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