Winter Is Coming — Ways to Boost Your Skincare game for Fall

Fall Skincare

Autumn is a time of transition. The leaves begin to change… the air becomes chilled… flimsy tanks are replaced with cozy sweaters… your skin starts to have a panic attack having JUST gotten used to the heat. As outer conditions change, so do the needs of your skin.

But switching up your routine completely and throwing out the lighter summer moisturizer you already spent a cool $80 on can be a punch to the gut, so as we transition into winter weather, we have some suggestions for how to blend summer skincare with fall so that your skin AND your bank account are well-served.

  1. ADD A SMART BASE-LAYER. One of the miracles of CBD is that it works with your skin to decide how much oil to produce, based on its chemistry at the time. Colder weather brings dry skin, which means your summer regimen might not cut it. Adding a smart base layer, like our CRAVE Salvation Oil Serum, will take over where your summer moisturizer leaves off.
  2. DETOX DETOX DETOX. As autumn is a transitional period between summer and winter, so too is it a transitional time for your skin. Think of it like the best moment to purge your skin of all that no longer serves. During the summer months you probably slathered on sky-high UV sunscreen, enjoyed more than one poolside cocktail, absorbed lots of chlorine, and mixed sweat with makeup. Now it’s time to purge and re-balance so that your skin is in its healthiest possible condition to deal with the dropping temps. Swap your regular cleanser for an exfoliating one a few times per week, like our Hemp Exfoliating Cleanser from Lust Naked, and hop in a bath spiked with Herbivore’s Detox Soaking Salts.
  3. AMPLIFY YOUR ANTIOXIDANTS. Before making the full switch to your cold-weather regimen, look for ways to boost the amount of antioxidants you’re getting in order to prep skin for more drastic conditions. Going from freezing weather outside to blasting the heat inside means your skin is going to be working overtime trying to regulate itself, so infusing the skin with protective antioxidants now will serve you well in the coming months. A nice, balancing, facial toner like this one from Flynn and King is a great way to sooth and de-stress the skin while adding helpful antioxidants that are the perfect recipe for a healthy autumn glow.


As the leaves change, so must our skin care routine, and we are confident that these hot tips will provide you with all the winter prep your skin needs.

As always, stay hydrated!

-Team HK