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We bring you a fun collection of Cannabis skincare brands rich in CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive, yet highly beneficical cannabinoid found in Cannabis. It's our mission to source products that are organic and cruelty-free. Our resident furry friend, Ziggy, wouldn't have it any other way.

Alyssa's Story

I grew up as the fair-skinned kid with freckles and would constantly get picked on for it. Due to my complexion and rosacea running in my family, I'm prone to itchy, dry skin with embarrassing redness around my nose and mouth. Fortunately, I didn't start developing acne problems till I reached adulthood, but it came in the form of bad bouts of cystic acne on my chin. I'd had enough of the chemicals found in over-the-counter treatments that only made things worse and their lack of concern when it comes to testing on animals, so I took to finding a natural remedy for all of my skin concerns.

I found relief from redness and the intense hydration my skin was longing for when I discovered CBD oils used topically. I scoured the web for more CBD skincare brands, and created a curated collection of my favorites, which make up the brands we carry at Hydro Kitty. Since launch, I've also developed my own skincare line full of skin-loving natural ingredients, CBD, and of course plenty of love!

Throughout the past 2 years of being in business, we've discovered that truly inspiring female-founded business are leading the way when it comes to CBD for the skin. Yet, these brands can be hard to find beyond word of mouth. I built Hydro Kitty in an effort to highlight some of these brands all in one place, making them available to a wider audience and, hopefully, delivering you useful content along the way. When you shop our curated selection, you support these women, CBD for wellness, and independent business.

Hydro Kitty believes in hydration of the skin and spirit, and was born out of a love for growing botanicals hydroponically and promoting their benefits to more people.